I was so busy getting all the things ready for the official opening of Jenny’s Day Care that I realised that I had not actually told anyone what that time and date will be.

We will be opening at the beginning of August. Officially.

zzzzzYou need to remember, or rather need to know, that I have been set up with all the toys and things for a long time as during the time I was looking after Jordan, we set up a lot of the play facilities and games.

But now that I plan to have more than one child I decided to convert the outside flat-let into the real day care centre and that is what I have been doing.

I am doing a lot of things like making sure that everything is child safe, and repainting some of the things, like the swings and slides.

It has actually been a lot of fun – and I have been off buying things like posters and plastic containers for the toys.

Now all the games, sandpits and puzzles will be in one big play room, and we are sorting out things like mattresses right now.

Thanks for reading this and we are looking forward to settling down to just having fun with the kids

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