I am Rob and I am Jen’s husband. I am also the genius who had built this website

funky treeI am not here to talk about any websites, but to tell you that I am pleased to announce that the website is now fully functional.

You can go and see the “about me” details about her using this link. ABOUT ME

Then if you would like to see some gallery pictures they are here using this link.

The gallery is full of pictures of Jordan, the fantastic kid that Jen had the privilege of looking after for awhile. He was an absolute joy to take care of and we miss him a lot.

Then there are all the “legal” pages and I am not so sure that you would care to go and see those, but they can all be found here


Privacy policy

Copyright notice

Finally there is an activities page that you can find here using this link

The Day Care Rates can be found on this page here – Day Care Rates for The Aunty Jenny’s Day Care